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Getting a domain and hosting for your website is a less hassle free that anyone in this country can do in just a couple of minutes. The point is, how can you generate revenues from having a website?

Running a website for months or years is totally an effort for each individual. Let us help you to know the effective ways on how to make money on websites.

1.    Offer A Membership Opportunity

If you’re an expert in certain areas and willing to share your skills to novice or beginners, don’t do it for free. Grab this opportunity to be known, appreciate and lead sales from your website. This is one of the best ways to get referrals from your previous customers, once you start on this journey, you will reap the rewards in the coming years.

2.    Sell Advertising Space On Your Website

Too much white space on your website will lead your site viewers to think if you really are active on maintaining your site. To eradicate those blank white spaces of your website, sell advertising space or look for an affiliate company that would like to advertise their company or business. Just make sure that you have a high site traffic to receive a positive feedback to your proposal.

3.    Make Your Website A Platform For Everyone Looking For A Job

Years from now, you will remember how Upwork did their best to be the number one job site that anyone refers to. It’s about time to have your own job site, where job seekers will rely on and get their first ever online client.

In this way, every employer will pay you for each job post they have to your site and everytime they got employees for their job vacancies, you’ll have a cut fee from them.

4.    Cost Per Click Ads

CPC or easily known as the cost per click ads are still vital in 2016 and 2017. Have you ever wondered how news site owners can pay their writers to provide news almost every hour of the day?

Cost per click ads help you to generate revenues when those displayed ads to your website are clicked by the site viewers, these ads will send you the money each and every end of the month that serve as your revenue.

Aside from cost per click ads, you can also accept sponsored content wherein you are obliged to post the articles of the company who contacted you and have it there posted for a certain number of days or months.

5.    Create Your Own Product Digitally

Gone were the days were the only platform you can rely on to is Facebook. Nowadays, a business Facebook can no longer convince people to buy your products if you don’t have a website that will feature your products as well as a customer service that will assist them regarding their inquiries.

Here below are some of the digital products you can create on your own.

    01 Web Designs

    02 Graphic Designs

    03 Cleaning Products

    04 Article Writing

    05 T-shirt Designs

We hope these simple effective ways can help you on how to make money on websites and you’ll definitely enjoy reaping the rewards.

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