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WordPress as we have discussed in the previous article, it is the popular and one of the best content management system CMS for creating a website. We have prepared a list for you to check what are the notable big name brands that are using WordPress for their business, and why you should follow their footsteps.


One of the well-known online publishers of news in the technology industry including gadgets, social and enterprise released in 2005. Now people visit their website if they want to know if there are new gadgets unveiled or software and any topic for technology.

2. The Wall Street Journal

The largest newspaper based in New York City that focuses on business and financial related news since 1889. The Wall Street Journal received over 35 Pulitzer Prizes and two of them are September 11 attacks in 2001 and American corporate scandals in 2003.

3. Forbes

One of the top American business magazines online that feature articles about investing, marketing topics, finance, technology, industry and the millionaires around the world is using WordPress.

4. LinkedIn

Would you believe that the largest professional network, LinkedIn uses WordPress? In addition to that, there are more than 433 million members registered to their website. Its mission is to connect all the professionals around the globe to be more successful, this is where digital influencers are doing their marketing posts, strategy and even making sales online.

5. Trello

The leading and most powerful project management online tool for tracking tasks and productivity of everyone in your team, you can check real-time updates and there are boards available for organizing purposes.

6. Facebook Newsroom

A self-explanatory website created by Facebook, this is where all the updates from the leading social network release their stories from time to time. Digital Influencers and Strategists always make time to check this site for Facebook ads status and its new algorithm.

7. Katy Perry’s Official Website

The 31-year old American singer Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson or popularly known as Katy Perry decided to create her own official website by using WordPress. Events, galleries, videos and her daily updates are included to her site.

8. Nikon

The Japanese multinational corporation specializing in digital SLR Camera is using WordPress for their official website too. There are six main pages to their  website namely the homepage, products page, package page service and support page, profile page for the registered users.

9. Top Gear

The leading motoring magazine originated from Britain, a very generous one. They would love to give freebies to all the consumers of their magazine with DVDs, books and CDs about cars. They were able to distribute 150,000 copies way back in 2012 due to the public demand of car enthusiasts.

With the names mentioned in this article, aren’t you still convince to start your own business and blog using WordPress? We bet you don’t want to be the last one to experience the wonders of WordPress!

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